Project Journal

Project Journal


1  Set up the project page.

2  Brainstorm our project including the name of our project, the theme and the ways of showing our project.

3  Make a short term schedule: A list of things to do for the following week


1. summarize last tutorial meeting and solving the questions in our project

2. Group Brainstorm: re-building our project concept ,how to attract more people to our display.

3. Continue to contact with someone that could open pop-up store and try to confirm the time and location.

4. submit our application to school to apply the place that we can open pop-up store


1. discuss the progress of fashion design with designer.

2. make a strong cost breakdown for how we will spend the money on our project

3. reply the email from our tutor, and discussing the problem that we are meeting in our project

4. Continue to contact with someone that could open pop-up store


1.contacted with MA fine art student to collaborative.

2.brainstormed some ideas about combine fashion design and digital image.

3.double check the place and date of pop-up store


1. tutored with our tutor

2. checked out halogen and spotlight

3.arranged a meeting with Steve Legget

   ask about exhibition, spotlights,small projector, structure to support lights and textiles.

4. mannequins? has to display the clothes.

5. look at shop& exhibition display

6.check print companies, including posters and flyers


1. designed posters and flyers

2. brainstormed the plan of display

3. finished textile


1.Started to distributed flyers in chosen area of CSM,LCF and Chelsea.

2.Prepare necessary things for the shop; display box and standee, mannequins, productors, opening hours signage

3. created event page on Facebook and started to spread the news by team members’ social media channels.


1. double check all of things for our pop-up gallery store, including mannequins, productors, posters, textiles, clothes, spotlight, rubber belt and balloon

2. check the final display plan

3. check the timing